Gabrielle Rocha Rios


Gabrielle is a Brazilian-American storyteller, INGOs and international development professional currently living in Washington, DC where she's pursuing a PhD in International Psychology with a concentration in Organizations and Systems.

  1. Politics
    Removing Barriers to the Fulfilment of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

    During this year’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), I had the privilege of attending an event on sexual…

  2. Health
    What’s the ‘Global Gag Rule’ & What Does it Mean for Women?

    Two days after the Women’s March, the new president of the Unites States signed an executive order reinstating the Mexico…

  3. Politics
    The Women Marched. Now What?

    London. Miami. Nairobi. New York. Tokyo. All over the world, women (and men!) took over the streets of their cities…

  4. Gender Based Violence
    “Speaking the Unspeakable”: Sexual Violence in Conflict

    Their suffering and desperation was so great that they begged them to kill them, to end their pain once and…

  5. Feminism
    Brazil’s Problem: Violence Against Women

    The movement #NiUnaMenos started in Argentina, but its message and impact has crossed the borders of the country and is now…

  6. Development
    10-Year-Old Girls are the Future of the World

    According to the latest State of World Population by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), girls at the decisive age…