Gendercide Awareness Project

The Gendercide Awareness Project raises awareness and takes action to end the elimination of females resulting from sex-selective abortion, female infanticide, needless maternal death, and (for older women) lack of access to food and shelter. We call this “gendercide.” We tackle this global problem by raising awareness and educating girls AWARENESS – Did you know 117 million women and girls are "missing" in the world? That’s according to the United Nations Population Fund. These are NOT abductions and traffickings. These are deaths caused by discrimination so severe that women and girls simply do not survive. 117 MILLION is more deaths than World Wars I and II combined. It amounts to 3.4% of the world's female population -- gone. Our most ambitious awareness endeavor is a giant art exhibit -- a floor-to-ceiling maze made from 11,700 pairs of handmade baby booties. Each pair represents 10,000 missing women and girls. ACTION – We take action by raising funds to send at-risk girls in developing countries to school. We work with five education partners in Cambodia, Nepal, India, Uganda, and Guatemala. We believe that educating girls is the best long-term solution to end gendercide.

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