Gendercide Awareness Project

The Gendercide Awareness Project raises awareness and action to combat the global elimination of females resulting from sex-selective abortion, female infanticide, needless maternal death, and (for older women) lack of access to food and shelter. We call this “gendercide.” We tackle it with three A’s: AWARENESS – Did you know 117 million women are missing? That’s according to the United Nations Population Fund. That’s more deaths than World Wars I and II combined. ACTION – We offer modest financial support to at-risk women. We commission baby booties from women’s cooperatives overseas, paying fair prices. ART –That’s what we do with the baby booties. We are creating an art exhibit using 11,700 pairs of handmade baby booties from around the world. Each pair represents 10,000 missing women. The art exhibit leads directly to a take-action exhibit where we introduce visitors to reputable nonprofits that educate girls, economically empower women, and provide women’s healthcare.

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