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  1. Breastfeeding
    Forget the ‘Mommy Wars’ – Breastfeeding Inequality is the Real Issue

    Too many heated words and firey tweets are being spent on the breastfeeding ‘mommy war’. It needs to stop. Whether…

  2. Health
    Talking about Periods can Empower our Daughters

    While we have a long way to go, menstrual hygiene management as a human rights issue has come of age…

  3. Health
    28 Myths: the Menstrual Cycle, the Pill & Fertility Awareness

    Since ditching the pill, charting my own cycle, and teaching fertility awareness all over the world, I’ve come across a…

  4. Education
    It’s Time to Talk About Vulvas

    I wanted my fierce little vulva to go out into the world and start up more conversations. The more we…