Girls' Globe Guest Blogger


Girls' Globe invites a range of guest bloggers to share posts on our platform.

  1. Health
    BeMeBeFree: a Campaign to Tackle Teen Anxiety

    To no one’s surprise, researchers found a 20% increase in diagnoses of anxietybetween 2007 and 2012. Now in 2018 the rate is even…

  2. Rights
    When Women’s Rights Are Not Enough

    The reality is most women have - at some point - felt silenced, ignored, disrespected, or unsafe, just for being…

  3. Politics
    Time to Disarm the Patriarchy

    We are building a new generation of peace and disarmament activists and amplifying diverse women’s voices in the disarmament sphere.

  4. Arts
    ‘She’ by Kiirstin Marilyn: an Anthem for all Women

    Kiirstin Marilyn is using her music to encourage others to demand that their voices are heard.