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Girls' Globe invites a range of guest bloggers to share posts on our platform.

  1. Breastfeeding
    Increased Breastfeeding Could Save Over One Million Lives

    A new infographic from Mom Loves Best demonstrates exactly how important breastfeeding is to the overall health of infants, their mothers, and…

  2. Gender Based Violence
    Gender Based Violence: What you need to know

    Youth for Change works in the UK, Tanzania and Bangladesh and focuses on three areas under gender based violence; child/early…

  3. Health
    Family Planning Summit 2017: Transforming #HerFuture

    On 11 July, family planning champions from around the world gather to talk about how to reach more women &…

  4. STEM
    What’s Holding Women Back in Engineering?

    Although the topic of gender equality in engineering (and in STEM overall) is still common, and there is undoubtedly greater…