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Girls' Globe invites a range of guest bloggers to share posts on our platform.

  1. Maternal and Child Health
    Listening and Leading to Build Midwifery in French-speaking Africa

    In French, the word for “midwife” is “sage femme” – which literally translated into English means “wise woman.” Wise women…

  2. Maternal and Child Health
    Preventing Haemorrhage and Saving Lives on the Front Lines of Care

    Midwives on the front lines of care have made a major impact, ensuring that more women experience a healthy pregnancy…

  3. Gender Based Violence
    A Letter to Assault Survivors

    ‘Effects of sexual assault on future relationships’ ‘Multiple sexual assaults’ ‘Definition of rape’ ‘Was I raped’ ‘Can you be raped…

  4. Education
    A School Project to Remember

    My name is Isobel Mathews. I am thirteen years old and I advocate for global women’s rights. Earlier this year,…