Grace J Wong

Grace is a teen content creator from Portland, Oregon who covers Gen-Z, politics and girls' internationally, and writes for MTV, Political Storm, and HuffPost. Grace believes in equality, empathy and kindness and is in constant pursuit of good cookies and content.

  1. Feminism
    5 Feminist Resolutions for 2018

    How are you going to make sure 2018 is a great year for gender equality...wherever you are in the world?  

  2. Culture
    Top 5 Feminist Moments of 2017

    1. Women’s March On January 21 2017, advocates for policies regarding human rights and women’s rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, reproductive…

  3. Gender Based Violence
    #MeToo: Reflections from a College Student

    As an eighteen-year-old woman in college, I go to class everyday preparing to enter the 'real' world around me. But…

  4. Motherhood
    Raising Black Girls: an interview with Vanessa Stair

    New York native Vanessa Stair’s experience as a woman of color, raising a child of color, in a non-traditional family…