Help Lesotho

Help Lesotho is empowering a critical mass of children and youth - and the grandmothers, teachers, and community members who support them - with the knowledge and support needed for them to lead a movement that: advocates for social justice - particularly the rights of girls and women - in pursuit of gender equity, promotes the prevention of HIV transmission, and champions and challenges all involved to make healthy decisions and be socially responsible.

  1. Gender Based Violence
    Sugar Daddies are Definitely NOT Sweet

    In Lesotho, sugar daddies are called ‘blessers’, and they initiate relationships by buying girls presents. These relationships are dangerous and…

  2. Culture
    The Power and Influence of Mothers-in-Law in Lesotho

    We have all heard the stories of ‘monsters-in-law’ when a group of women get talking about their husbands’ mothers. Some…

  3. Health
    The Power of Knowledge in the Fight against HIV/AIDS

    Correct information empowers people to make the best possible choices in all aspects of life. Conversely, incorrect or poorly communicated…

  4. SRHR
    Herd Boys in Lesotho

    Young Thabo left school at nine years of age to tend sheep, goats and cattle in the treacherous mountain passes…