Her Turn

Girls' education and empowerment program for Nepali girls.

  1. Menstruation
    Why does menstruation matter?

    Written by Ola Perczynska, Her Turn Program Manager, and Danielle Preiss, Her Turn Social Media Coordinator We used to call menstruating girls…

  2. Health
    Combating Child Marriage in Nepali Villages

    By: Kathryn Sall, Her Turn Intern Renuka Thapa came to Nani Maya Gurung’s office crestfallen. Between her tears, broken sentences…

  3. Uncategorized
    Let’s celebrate Her Day!

    As the world celebrates the run up to October 11th, at Her Turn we are amazed at all the amazing…

  4. Development
    Educated, empowered and equal: Her Turn Program, Nepal

    It’s a powerful spectacle to witness: a ceremony in a Nepali village, where girls as young as 10 perform a…