International Planned Parenthood Federation


The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) delivers sexual and reproductive health services that let people make their own choices. We fight for everyone to exercise their right to make those choices. We are local, through our members and volunteers, and global, through our network. We meet need, wherever it is, whoever requires it, for as long as they want it.

  1. Climate & The Environment
    How Young People Tackle the Climate Crisis Threatening their Pacific Island

    Kiribati is one of the least developed countries in the Pacific with few natural resources, limited governance, institutional capacity, and…

  2. Health
    Innovative Solutions to Sexual Healthcare in Switzerland

    Noemi, 24, is the youth network co-founder and coordinator for IPPF’s Member Association, Santé Sexuelle Suisse/Sexuelle Gesundheit Schweiz. Here, she…

  3. Gender Based Violence
    Covid-19 and the Rise of Sexual & Gender-Based Violence

    We are in the midst of a pandemic. One way to slow down the spread of coronavirus is to implement lockdown and…

  4. Development
    What You Need to Know about Sex and COVID-19

    COVID-19 is a serious disease. Everyone should take the recommended preventive measures to minimize the risk of exposure and the spread of…

  5. Feminism
    Meet Alice: the feminist activist fighting for change

    “I am angry,” Alice says when asked what drives her, “but, it is a positive anger.”

  6. Development
    Shanshan He: Leading the Way for Young People

    It all started when I hadn’t seen one girl for a couple of months. I was told her boyfriend had…