Julia Wiklander


Julia Wiklander is the Founder and President of Girls' Globe. With a passion to inspire people, Julia believes in all people's equal rights, and that highlighting positive change is essential for development. Julia is also a mother, a blogger (of course) and an economist.

  1. Feminism
    World Peace Requires the Eradication of Male Dominance

    We live in a world dominated by men, characterized by patriarchal structures and a dangerous macho culture. In this era…

  2. Maternal and Child Health
    10 Things That Happened to Me After Childbirth

    Warning: this post contains lots of details around bleeding, toilet visits and sex after childbirth.  The postpartum period (the time…

  3. Feminism
    A White Woman’s No to White Privilege and White Supremacy

    In light of recent events in the USA and in my home country Sweden, I cannot stay quiet any more. …

  4. Breastfeeding
    Sustaining Breastfeeding for our Environment

    The health of our planet is affected by the way babies are fed. We know that breastfeeding has overwhelmingly positive…