Julia Wiklander


Julia is the Founder and President of Girls' Globe. She is optimistic about our world's future and the power of solidarity and storytelling. Julia is an economist and entrepreneur.

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    How White People Can End Racism: 3 First Steps

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  2. Development
    Equality, Rights and Justice in a Time of Crisis: Support for Activists during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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  3. Arts
    Laiza Onofre: The Mexican Illustrator Marched Against Femicides

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  4. Lifestyle
    Self care is Not a Buzzword, It’s a Necessity

    I wanted to write a post to end this year on a positive note. There are changemakers worthy to be…

  5. Girls' Globe News
    The Girls’ Globe Tribe: Join Today!

    Since our launch in 2013, Girls' Globe has come a long way. Six years down the line, we have grown…

  6. Mental Health
    Tariro Mantsebo: Being Enough by Existence

    "Girls and young women, take the time to know who you are. When you are clear with who you are,…