Julia Wiklander


Julia is the Founder and President of Girls' Globe. She is optimistic about our world's future and the power of solidarity and storytelling. Julia is an economist and entrepreneur.

  1. Refugees
    We Need Global Solidarity for Refugees

    As a European and a Swede (and an economist), I am struck by how often we discuss refugees in terms…

  2. Development
    Sweden Deports Victims of Child Marriage and Torture to Afghanistan

    Sweden is sending back asylum seekers who face grave risks and increased threats to their lives should they return to…

  3. Arts
    Seinabo Sey: The Rising Iconic Feminist Soul Queen

    Seinabo Sey's presence was powerful and unforgiving in her live performance at Malmö Live. Her latest album is a feminist…

  4. Politics
    Post-Election Sweden: No Longer a Compass for Equality

    The election in Sweden on September 9th has left the country in disarray – with neither of the two traditional…