Julia Wiklander


Julia is the Founder and President of Girls' Globe. She is optimistic about our world's future and the power of solidarity and storytelling. Julia is an economist and entrepreneur.

  1. Politics
    Post-Election Sweden: No Longer a Compass for Equality

    The election in Sweden on September 9th has left the country in disarray – with neither of the two traditional…

  2. Motherhood
    An Ode to the Midwives in My Life

    To the midwife who brought my first baby to the world. Despite the doctor’s miscommunication, she guided the lioness in…

  3. Parenting and Child Development
    Why We’re Not Finding Out the Sex of Our Baby

    Just like adults, children are often limited by their sex - which is a problem since all humans have a…

  4. Feminism
    World Peace Requires the Eradication of Male Dominance

    We live in a world dominated by men, characterized by patriarchal structures and a dangerous macho culture. In this era…