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Girls’ Globe offers a platform to educate and inspire people to take action on issues related to human rights, social justice and gender equality through creative communications - driven by the connected voices of girls and women worldwide.

  1. Development
    Intersectionality: from Theory to Practice

    In a lot of mainstream feminist media, culture and conversation, intersectionality has become a buzzword. But what does it actually…

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    Listen to 11 Women’s Voices: “There is Power in Your Story”

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    Pursuing a Career in Development? This Advice is for You

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    That Voice in Your Head: Confidence and Self Care

    In this episode of The Power of Your Story Podcast, Girls' Globe's Julia and Eleanor speak about building confidence in…

  5. Feminism
    Emma Saloranta Winiecki – Motherhood and Loving Imperfections

    In this episode of The Power of Your Story Podcast, Emma Saloranta Winiecki shares her journey of balancing motherhood and…

  6. Lifestyle
    Maisa Dabus – Freedom, Belonging and Representation

    "When you share stories, you're including people and giving them a sense of belonging, you are also making sure that…