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  1. Development
    Why Women March to the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25

    "I envision a country, or rather, a continent, where young girls and young women have power to decide on what…

  2. Feminism
    Maya Kathrine Andersen: A story like mine can save a life

    The Power of Your Story Podcast is an interview series in partnership with with

  3. Mental Health
    Sanne Thijssen: Overcoming Advocacy Burnout

    In this episode of The Power of Your Story Podcast, Sanne Thijssen talks to Girls' Globe founder Julia Wiklander about…

  4. Lifestyle
    Daniela Arango: Finding Authenticity

    In this episode of The Power of Your Story Podcast, Girls’ Globe founder Julia Wiklander speaks with Daniela Arango. They…

  5. Lifestyle
    Sharon D’Agostino: Recognizing our Common Ground

    The Power of Your Story is a brand new podcast by Girls’ Globe in partnership with Say It Forward…

  6. Arts
    Female Freestyle by Nadine

    We came across Nadine on Instagram (@nadineelroubi). She's a brilliant musician, rapper, photographer, videographer (and more!) from Sudan. Nadine's latest…