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Girls’ Globe offers a platform to educate and inspire people to take action on issues related to human rights, social justice and gender equality through creative communications - driven by the connected voices of girls and women worldwide.

  1. Feminism
    Yemen, Feminism & Power with Lina Abirafeh

    Girls' Globe's Ashley Lackovich-Van Gorp had the opportunity to sit down with Lina Abirafeh.

  2. Development
    Investing in the Power of Nurses

    Investing in the Power of Nurse Leadership: What Will It Take? is a new report reflecting the voices of nurses…

  3. Development
    The Power of Female Health Workers

    Women make up more than 70 percent of the health workforce. Despite the fact that they play a critical role…

  4. Girls' Globe News
    The Power of Your Story: a Guide for Advocates

    Bringing together advocates and storytellers from around the world to demonstrate just how powerful stories can be.

  5. Girls' Globe News
    Why Our Digital Sisterhood Matters

    Hear from our community what Girls' Globe means to them. Learn about an opportunity to support us this week!

  6. Health
    In Conversation with Christine Sayo

    In this conversation with Girls' Globe, Christine Sayo talks about feeling judged by others for simply talking openly about issues…