Lucy Small


Lucy is a politics graduate of Newcastle University and The University of Hong Kong living in Edinburgh. She is passionate about refugee rights and mental health, which has lead to her being involved in projects with these issues in Scotland and all over the world.

  1. Gender Based Violence
    Cyntoia Brown: 15 Years On – Free At Last?

    Governor Haslam granted her clemency as one of his final acts in office.

  2. Gender Based Violence
    Noble Peace Prize Awarded to Nadia Murad & Denis Mukwege

    Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege were awarded the Nobel Peace prize in recognition of their efforts to end sexual violence…

  3. Politics
    Two Women Causing Ripples in American Politics

    I want to highlight two women who are refusing to be silent or intimidated within the American political arena.

  4. Gender Based Violence
    Shiori Ito: the Brave Woman Exposing Japan’s Darker Side

    Not only do victims face grim laws, they also face an ingrained Japanese societal norm of silence around sex.