María Rendo


María is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and now lives in Brooklyn. She has a graduate degree from NYU in International Relations, with a concentration in Latin America. She's passionate about girls' education and health.

  1. Economics
    The Venezuelan Babies Being Born Stateless in Colombia

    In 2016 alone, Venezuela’s infant mortality rose by 30% and maternal mortality by 65%. Back then, the situation in Venezuela…

  2. Gender Based Violence
    Teenage Girls in Argentina Deserve Better

    As multilateral organizations continue to research sexual and reproductive rights in Latin America, I’ve been learning many sad truths about…

  3. Health
    He lost his parents as a child. Now he’s fighting so no child endures the same.

    This blog post was originally posted on as part of a project with Girls’ Globe, Upworthy and Johnson & Johnson. When Jack…

  4. Feminism
    International Day of the Girl 2018

    I’m very excited about International Day of the Girl because this year, I am spending the day working at an organization…

  5. Health
    The Fight for Legal Abortions Continues in Latin America

    Argentine activists and lawmakers haven’t given up...

  6. Health
    Argentina’s Abortion Law is History in the Making

    Argentina's law on legal, safe and free abortions was finally debated in the Lower House.