María is a graduate student in the International Relations program at New York University. She grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now lives in Brooklyn. Her research area is on the implementation of a gender perspective in development programs and gender equality, with a focus on Latin America.

  1. Health
    Argentina’s Abortion Law is History in the Making

    Argentina's law on legal, safe and free abortions was finally debated in the Lower House.

  2. Health
    Menstrual Hygiene Day 2018

    Around Menstrual Hygiene Day, many organizations and individuals are taking action, raising awareness and supporting campaigns and projects. Here are three…

  3. Gender Based Violence
    Barriers to Education Equality in Latin America

    An estimated 15% of all pregnancies per year in Latin America occur in girls younger than 20 years old, and…

  4. Development
    Happy International Women’s Day!

    This International Women’s Day, while we continue to fight for equal rights all over the world, let’s not forget to…