Marie Abanga


I am a forever young, dynamic and entrepreneurial mum of 3 boys. Determination, Discipline+Dedication= my motto. l am on a journey, one to become a personal and mental well being coach of reference and a dynamic mental health advocate.Coaching, Speaking and Training are my passions and all about books fascinate me - I read and write with love. lt is worth it and life has only been this tough but good. There is strength in what remains, check out my sensational memoir about my unconventional loves and life and also about my finding the strength in what remains despite having been battered and tattered. To sum up, I am every woman, a determined, disciplined and dedicated woman of faith. Trying times are not times to quit trying. I love my family and my cat Ella. I love music, sports, conversations about all or nothing, travelling, cooking and why not dancing! I am spiritual and God fearing to put it plain and simple.

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