Mia du Toit

21-year-old feminist & women's rights activist. Traveller, sun seeker and plant eater from Cape Town, South Africa. Currently studying Accounting while fighting for equality.

  1. Health
    Is Fear of Failure Holding you Back?

    If I think back to roughly seven years ago, my barely-teenage self would have had Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ on repeat…

  2. Feminism
    South Africa, Let’s Stay Positive

    This is a call on South Africans to be brave, stand up, and speak out against gender based violence.

  3. Rights
    Women’s Rights are Human Rights

    If 'women's rights are human rights', why are so many women around the globe still unable to access these rights in…

  4. Lifestyle
    Give Yourself…You

    Choose yourself first before you let anyone else in. Appreciate yourself for the extraordinary being that you are.