Miia Yliaho

A freelance writer and translator sharing her life between Stockholm and Lisbon. Passionate about stories, food, travels, literature, and equality for all. Utopia: creative writing classes for all children, everywhere. Girl crushes: Beyoncé and Patti Smith. "They thought that they could bury us, but what they didn't see was that we are seeds" - Mexican proverb

  1. Business and Economics
    Innovation’s Inequality: How we view Women Entrepreneurs

    A recent Swedish study has shown that female entrepreneurs are judged more harshly than their male colleagues. This means less…

  2. Books
    An Interview with Flora Wiström

    I have been chatting to Swedish writer and blogger Flora Wiström about writing tips and tricks, inspirational authors, and what it…

  3. Books
    Girls’ Globe Book Tour: Finland

    Finnish literature echoes the country’s vast forests, icy winters and endless summer nights. But also, at times, the conservatism and…

  4. Books
    Girls’ Globe Book Tour – First Stop: Sweden

    What we read can influence our thoughts, dreams and goals. Stories are powerful and so, too, are storytellers. Grab a book written…

  5. Uncategorized
    Blood, Sweat and Sequins: Three Women on Taekwondo

    When writing a blog post about how I started training in martial arts after an attack, I became curious about…

  6. Gender Based Violence
    How Martial Arts Helped Me Get Back on My Feet

    Content note: this post contains depictions of physical assault  After being attacked on my way home, I decided to start…