Stand Up Tall and Break the Taboo of Menstruation in Africa

Originally published on Huffington Post.  Unlike many believe, menstrual health is not just a ‘women’s issue’. We need to get people – boys and girls, men and women – to talk openly about menstrual health in every part of the world. Female hygiene should be at the top of each

Breaking the Silence on Menstruation and Hygiene for Adolescent Girls

Adolescence is a transitional phase in life from childhood to adulthood and is something worth celebrating. Unfortunately, for many girls adolescence remains a crucial yet challenging life stage because of its physical and psychological changes – one being menstruation. On any given day, 300 million women and girls around the

Harmful Traditional Practices: A Great Barrier to Women’s Empowerment

Harmful traditional practices (HTPs) exist in many different forms. These traditions reflect norms of care and behavior based on age, life stage, gender, and social class. While many traditions promote social cohesion and unity, others wear down the physical and psychological health and integrity of individuals, especially women and girls.

African Women: Pillars of Agriculture but Greatly Marginalized

Women farmers are the pillars of African agriculture. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the agricultural sector employs over two-thirds of all women in Africa who then produce nearly 90 percent of food on the continent. Women are responsible for growing, selling, buying and preparing food for

Teenage Pregnancy: Still a Great Killer of Teenage Girls in Kenya

Reproductive health and rights have been conceptualized under several human rights instruments that Kenya has ratified. These instruments seek to entrench gender equality by stemming out discrimination against women and guaranteeing comprehensive rights to women including to control their reproductive health and to put an end to female genital mutilation. In spite of

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