Plamena Solakova

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Plamena has lived and studied in the US, the UK, Spain, Belgium and France. Her undergraduate degree was in International Relations and Politics in London, and she then went on to complete her Masters at the Paris School of International Affairs where she did International Security, Intelligence and Middle East Studies. As part of her courses, Plamena has taken a number of electives on women's rights, women in conflict and sexual violence against women. She also worked as a Red Cross volunteer for six years during which time she met a number of women survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. That later on translated into her Bachelor's dissertation on human trafficking in the European Union and a number of articles and posts on the issue. She is hoping to one day move on to work with human trafficking and domestic violence victims and be able to empower women, just as women in her family have inspired and motivated her.

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