Preeti Shakya


Doctor. Aspiring writer. Creative enthusiast. Nomad.

  1. Maternal and Child Health
    The Amazing Reason Mothers in India are Giving their Babies Wearable Medical Records

    This blog post was originally posted on as part of a project with Girls’ Globe, Upworthy and Johnson & Johnson.…

  2. Education
    In Her Hands: Normalizing Menstruation in Nepal

    The plight of women in Nepal deeply motivated me to break the silence around menstruation by starting a dialogue, and…

  3. Health
    Cervical Cancer: a Threat to Women in Developing Countries

    In most instances, cervical cancer can be prevented, and yet it is still killing millions of women worldwide.

  4. Gender Based Violence
    An Open Letter to My Abuser

    You don't define me. I define myself. I am much more than the marks you've left on my body. I…