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Medical professionals protesting racism and implicit bias

Implicit Bias in Healthcare: Unconscious Barriers to Equity

Although the medical profession strives for equal treatment of all patients, disparities in healthcare persist. Though we might not like to admit it, our healthcare systems are still infiltrated with acts of prejudices based on race, ethnicity, gender and much more.

This is what you’ll learn in this article:
• What implicit bias is
• Instances of implicit bias affecting patient care
• How we can overcome implicit biases.

It's time to confront sexism in medicine by Doctor Preeti Shakya for Girls' Globe

It’s Time to Confront Sexism in Medicine

Patients will mistake female doctors, residents and students for nurses. This happens regardless of how a female doctor introduces herself. The idea that a woman can only be a nurse is clear evidence of the sexism that pervades our society as a whole.

Health Care Workers Matter for Gender Based Violence

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