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Will we End Child Marriage by 2030? By Reena Gupta for Girls' Globe

Will We End Child Marriage By 2030?

Although the practice of child marriage has declined around the world, no region is currently on track to eliminate child marriage by 2030 as outlined by Sustainable Development Goal 5.

The First Defense

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, and obesity prevention can start as early as the day a child is born.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Born 9 years after my parents migrated from India to the United States, I was welcomed into the world of stability, an established and settled home, and a pleasant life. T his year I moved to Kitwe, Zambia on a fellowship with Global Health Corps. One evening in September I

The Most Amazing Week

Although Zambia developed the Anti-Gender Based Violence Act in 2011, Gender Based Violence (GBV) still persists at high rates today in Zambia, deeply entrenched in Zambian culture and norms. Out of the Southern African countries, Zambia ranks unfortunately high for GBV prevalence with 72% of women experiencing GBV in a

CDC’s Infographic and the Double Standard of Behavior

  A man has a beer and is featured in TV commercials. He’s cool, he’s “one of the guys.” But time and time again, women are called out, shamed, and even blamed for the behavior of others for doing the same thing. In 2013, Hong Kong Security Secretary Lai Tung-kwok

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