Rethabile Mashale

Rethabile is a development practitioner specialising in M&E, researcher, mother and daughter. She has worked for a number of years in public health with a focus on sexual reproductive health, social behaviour change communication and youth development. She dabbles in philanthropy, has an interest in girls’ education and a staunch black feminist. She is currently based in South Africa but has aspirations to leave a footprint on the African continent. Connect with her on @ritsiemashale

  1. Gender Based Violence
    No Rapists, Misogynists or Homophobes in my Village

    A few weeks ago I ‘checked-out’ of reading the news online and watching on TV. It wasn’t anything specific; rather…

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    The Need for More Active Role Modeling for African Girls

    Drawing on my experience in youth development, particularly within the non-profit sector, I have tried to understand the experience of…

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    A call for intersectionality in the feminist debate

    Quite early in my life I felt and spoke out like a feminist. I didn’t know what a feminist was,…