Women Delivering Development: Reproductive Health, Environment and the Post-2015 Agenda

This week I had the opportunity to attend a working meeting on integrating women, reproductive health, and environmental issues into the Post-2015 Agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals, and FP2020 hosted by the Wilson Center Environmental Change and Security Program, Center for Environment and Population (CEP), the Sierra Club Global Population

#LandMatters for Women

Consider the following: Women produce more than half the food in the developing world 43 out of 48 African countries and 21 out of 42 Asian countries have gender inequality in regards to entitlement to ownership of land It’s estimated that only 1% of the world’s women own land Land

Save Our Sisters: The “Abused Goddesses” Campaign

What’s one way to draw lots of attention to an issue? Combine iconic religious imagery with modern day problems. That’s what the new “Abused Goddesses” Campaign highlighting domestic violence in India is doing. The campaign depicts hand-painted images (based off of photos taken with real models) of Hindu  goddesses bruised,

The Right to Quality Education: Katelyn Campbell’s Protest

Seventeen-year-old Katelyn Campbell just wants a quality education. She wants it for herself and she wants it for her peers. She recognizes that it is something that is her right along with the right to speak out against poor education. What she doesn’t want is to be threatened when she

The Freedom Center: Bridging the Past and Present of Slavery

As we approach the end of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month here in the US, I want to take a moment to highlight an institution that is making strides in raising awareness about the reality and horrors of slavery and human trafficking. And, it just so happens to

Gender Violence and AIDS: The Effect on Women

Right now is a busy time in awareness raising. We are currently in the middle of the ‘16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence’ (which kicked off on November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) and, as you may have seen, December 1st was the

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