Swedish Organization for Global Health


Hej, we’re Swedish Organization for Global Health (SOGH), an international non-profit based in Stockholm, Sweden. We operate with a mission to improve the quality and accessibility of health care and health promotion in low-income countries through local and international partnerships and the vision of a world free from health inequalities.

  1. Feminism
    Breast Ironing: A Harmful Practice That Spans Generations

    Hope shuddered as she thought of what awaited her. Her developing breasts throbbed with excruciating pain, worsened hours ago when…

  2. Feminism
    Periods Don’t Stop During Pandemics

    COVID-19 and menstruation have more things in common than one would think! Read why COVID-19 has brought existing inequalities to…

  3. Gender Based Violence
    Is there Light at the End of the Tunnel for Women in Sudan?

    Despite ongoing challenges, the future is beginning to look brighter for the women of Sudan. Unlike in previous years, Sudan’s…

  4. Development
    Gerri McHugh: Storytelling & Films for Change

    Gerri is director and founder of Global Health Film, a nonprofit organization that promotes storytelling and film as tools of…

  5. Gender Based Violence
    Blue for Sudan: the road to democracy

    In an effort to repress the loud voices calling for change, women are being used as a tool.

  6. Development
    Ola Abu Alghaib: an activist for women with disabilities

    Ola embodies the real meaning of the word activist.