Swedish Organization for Global Health


Hej, we’re Swedish Organization for Global Health (S.O.G.H.), an international non-profit based in Stockholm, Sweden. We operate with a mission to improve the quality and accessibility of health care and health promotion in low-income countries through local and international partnerships and the vision of a world free from health inequalities.

  1. Health
    My Menstruation is not a Sin!

    Many women to this day experience an overwhelming level of stigma around menstruation.

  2. Development
    Women Leaders in Global Health Conference 2018

    Every woman can be a leader.

  3. Health
    What Can I Tell You About Uganda?

    What do you know about Uganda? I asked myself while booking my flight to Entebbe. That was two months ago.…

  4. Health
    Health Doesn’t Ask for a Passport

    Health does not discriminate. It does not check passports, ask age, or inquire if one can afford the staggering cost…

  5. Health
    What it’s like to be Fancy: Midwifery in Uganda

    To celebrate this month’s observance of International Day of the Midwife, I had the honor of speaking with an incredible…

  6. Development
    Global Healthcare: is there a Perfect System?

    “It is easier to complain about a problem than it is to create a solution.” This statement goes against everything…