Tariro Mantsebo


Tariro Mantsebo is a young Zimbabwean medical doctor based in South Africa and Zimbabwe. She is passionate about intersectional feminism, SRHR, protecting and conserving the natural world, as well as holistic living and wellness.

  1. Health
    Menstrual Pain is a Public Health Matter

    Menstruation is a normal biological process and we should not shame people for it. We must not neglect menstrual pain…

  2. Gender Based Violence
    Abuse & Violence Rates Rise Amid Global Lockdowns

    The pandemic is creating an environment of high stress, anxiety and depression for millions of people. It's taking an economic…

  3. Health
    Learning to Honour our Sacred Menstruation

    I have decided to change my perspective regarding menstruation.

  4. Health
    The Impact of HIV on Adolescent Girls & Young Women

    Today, 1 December, is World AIDS Day 2018.

  5. Health
    Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Women with Disabilities

    Today is World Contraception Day. As we reflect on the role that birth control and reproductive rights have played on…

  6. Health
    Are You at Risk of Burnout Syndrome?

    Burnout syndrome is a form of chronic stress. It is an alarm clock to a more serious problem and needs…