The Mom Pod

A bi-weekly podcast series, produced by Girls' Globe, focusing on issues related to motherhood, babies and maternal health around the world. The podcast highlights a variety of issues important to mothers, fathers and other caregivers ranging from birth practices and cultural beliefs related to pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding, postpartum healing and depression, babies development, differences in maternity and paternity benefits, sleep and more! The Mom Pod brings together research, data, hot topics in the media and personal stories and experiences of mothers from around the world to highlight differences - but also to remind us how many things mothers across the globe have in common.

  1. Maternal and Child Health
    #13 – Midwives Providing Safe Birth in Humanitarian Settings

      “(Midwives) give support to women whether they are in labour or not, they are social solidarity players in the…

  2. Maternal and Child Health
    #12 – Maternal Health Now: New Research from The Lancet

    In this episode Julia Wiklander, Felogene Anumo and Zanele Mabaso introduce you to new research that was published just a…

  3. Maternal and Child Health
    #11 – Maternal Health in Tanzania: Inside Maternity Africa

    Welcome back to The Mom Pod! After a brief summer break, we are excited to continue with our podcast series…

  4. Maternal and Child Health
    #10 – Saving the Lives of Mothers & Babies: Conversations from Women Deliver 2016

    In this episode, Julia speaks with leaders that are working to save the lives of mothers and babies at the Women…