Tilde Holm

Tilde is currently pursuing a BA of History, Politics & Economics at UCL. Last year she co-founded a project in collaboration with the White Ribbon Alliance that resulted in a documentary series on midwives around the world. In her spare time, she likes to read and write about things that matter to her, especially related to Women's Rights and Gender Equality.

  1. Business and Economics
    Norwegian Air Reveals Sexist Employee Dress Code

    The flight industry has demonstrated, once again, that it’s still a long way from gender equality. A 22-page document on…

  2. Health
    The personal reason this superwoman has dedicated her life to Indigenous midwifery

    This blog post was originally posted on Upworthy.com as part of a project with Girls’ Globe, Upworthy and Johnson & Johnson.…

  3. Business and Economics
    Creating Equal Workplaces: My Recruitment Experience

    Is diversity more important than meritocracy?

  4. Gender Based Violence
    What #MeToo did in Sweden

    Media campaigns come and go and very few make it off the screen and into everyday life. Sexist structures are…

  5. Health
    Midwives of the World: Part 3

    Watch the third and final part of Midwives of the World - a documentary series by bloggers Tilde and Anna.

  6. Health
    Midwives of the World: Part 2

    Watch Part 2 of Midwives of the World - a documentary series created by Girls' Globe bloggers Tilde and Anna…