Patty J

  1. Health
    Put Aside Your Stethoscope & Listen to Women’s Pain

    I was taught that doctors are powerful and mighty. They shouldn’t be questioned, only readily and blindly trusted.

  2. Health
    Myths about Mental Health

    Here are some of the most common myths patients share with me...

  3. Politics
    Changing the Narrative of Inequity

    I recently gave a TEDx talk - Confidently Changing the Narrative of Inequity. I believe that although not an easy…

  4. Gender Based Violence
    Why She Leaves: Music for Advocacy

    This is an anthem for women who’ve made up their minds. They’ve had enough of putting up with a relationship that…

  5. Gender Based Violence
    Why She Stays: Behind the Doors of Domestic Abuse

    Why do you think she stays? Because she wants to? Because she loves him that much? Maybe. But she may…

  6. Parenthood
    Who Says I’m a Bad Mother?

    Women may often be described as goddess-like, but perfect we are not. When my daughters were born I was ill-prepared and…