"You can speak out loudly today for the rights of others, or you can stay silent & wait for tomorrow, when your rights will be taken away too". I'm passionate about the emancipation of women and girls .

  1. Feminism
    Can we Redefine the Definition of a Woman?

    To be a woman does not mean that you are a doormat everyone can tread all over.

  2. Education
    My Voice is my Purpose, What’s Yours? – #YoungWomenSay

    The girls in my community need knowledge.

  3. Politics
    Zimbabwe’s Elections: Old Habits Die Hard

    Without real change in this year's elections, women and girls will continue to have to fight really hard for their…

  4. Culture
    This Silence Must be Broken

    I sometimes wonder if I am influential enough to effect meaningful change, but still I choose to break the silence…