"You can speak out loudly today for the rights of others, or you can stay silent & wait for tomorrow, when your rights will be taken away too". I'm passionate about the emancipation of women and girls .

  1. Health
    When will Menstrual Hygiene be Taken Seriously?

    In Zimbabwe, little or no proper legislation has been put in place despite considerable efforts made by pressure groups to…

  2. Health
    Obstetric Fistula in Zimbabwe

    Nyaradzai's story could be the story of many women living with fistula in Zimbabwe and other developing countries. Fistula is…

  3. Health
    Why Sanitary Products Should be Free for Girls

    I believe that one day, girls from disadvantaged communities like mine will be free to experience their periods with dignity.

  4. Culture
    Society Teaches Women not to be Competitive

    I have used Adichie's words to help me think about how Zimbabwean society in particular teaches women not to be…