Zanele Mabaso

Zanele Mabaso (23) is a youth health policy adviser, social justice writer and an ardent advocate for the global public health adolescents & youth community. Her interests are in Adolescent, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Gender Equity & Equality, Gender-Based Violence, Youth Leadership & Participation and the socioeconomic empowerment of young women and girls in Africa. She is inspired by the outlook on the future of African Adolescents & Youth and considers Africa, home. Connect with her on @zanelemabaso23

  1. Health
    #SheDecidesDay: Standing Up & Speaking Out

    2 March 2018 will be SheDecides Day, where the first national SheDecides movement will be launched in India.

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    Girls’ Globe is Leaving No One Behind

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    Here’s How We Combat GBV: Part 2

    Zanele Mabaso continues to share her ideas of how we can tackle and eliminate gender-based violence.

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