Sexual Health Must Be Anti-Racist: A Reflection for Educators & Providers

I’m co-delivering a sex education class about condoms and barrier methods. My co-trainer shows the class an Internal Condom (branded Femidom) and proceeds to say, “a lot of people think this is a condom for a Black man, because it’s so big”. They sit back down completely unphased by what they have just said. After […]

Light Skinned But Not Immune: Privilege and Colorism in the Caribbean

Light-skinned but not immune to colorism

The #EverydayColorism campaign shares the lived experiences of Caribbean people affected by colorism – discriminatory or preferential treatment of same-race people because of skin tone. Colorism pervades the region, affecting Caribbean people across the continuums of gender, age, socioeconomic status—and skin tone. Light-skinned people are not immune to colorism. In fact, their experiences highlight the […]


Shadeism, also known as coloursim refers to: “…the discrimination based on skin tone, which exists amongst members of the same community, creating a ranking of a person’s individual worth based on shade. Shadeism is common in communities of colour across the world, and it is also an issue that people of colour experience whilst living […]

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