Men Need to Take Responsibility for the Epidemic of Men’s Violence

Cover photo: The epidemic of Men's violence

From domestic violence to mass shootings, men’s violence takes a deadly toll every day. Men’s violence has become mainstream in every corner of the world. It has been normalized through the Internet, social media, movies, computer games, TV and porn. The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 3 women worldwide have been subjected to […]

[NEW VIDEO] What Truly Youth-Led Design and Advocacy Looks Like

When young people have access to the right resources and platforms, they can achieve anything. The West Africa Adolescent Girls Summit, designed and led by youth for youth, proved that when participants stood in front of the Vice President of Liberia with clear demands for social change. “The thing that inspired me the most is […]

Why We Need an Integrated Response to Period Poverty in Pandemics

Cover Image for post Period Poverty in Pandemics

When household incomes are constricted, often luxury items, and even period products, are deprioritised. This impacts an individual’s ability to attain menstrual health – and the risk of experiencing period poverty. So, how is COVID-19 impacting period poverty? What can be done to address period poverty during this pandemic?

Forced to Flee Myanmar – Reflecting on the Crisis in Karenni State


Over the past year, more military attacks have been launched against civilians in Myanmar than in Syria, Yemen, Iraq or Afghanistan – according to figures compiled by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project, which also designated the country as the world’s deadliest place to be a protester in 2021. Fifteen months since the […]

In the War in Ukraine Women and Children Pay the Heaviest Price

Woman protesting the war in Ukraine

A few weeks ago, a harrowing image of a pregnant woman injured in the Russian bombing of a Ukrainian maternity and children’s hospital was doing rounds in the news and social media. Widely-circulated pictures showed the woman stroking her bloodied lower abdomen as rescuers carried her through the rubble on a stretcher following the airstrike on the […]

A Face of the Revolution in Myanmar

A face of the revolution in Myanmar

Meet Hla Mae*. Over the next months, Hla Mae will share stories of Burmese girls’ struggles to maintain their freedom and rights, post-coup. Hla Mae is a face of the revolution occurring in the streets of Myanmar.

Feminists demand governments to commit to “urgent, deep shifts” in climate action at CSW

This year, the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), the United Nations’ largest gathering on gender equality, takes up environment and climate change as its priority theme for the first time ever.  From March 14-22, representatives of UN member states will discuss climate change and its intersection with gender equality. Feminists and rights advocates […]

Being a Woman Is My Medical Superpower

Photo of Dr Nasra Ibrahim, a fistula surgeon dedicated to ending fistula in Somaliland

Dr. Nasra Ibrahim is a fistula surgeon who travels about seven times a year from Uganda to her home country of Somaliland to treat women with fistula, a devastating childbirth injury that leaves a woman incontinent and—more often than not—shunned by her community. Read what inspired her to do this work, and why she won’t […]

What’s it like for Women in Medicine in 2022?

Women in Medicine Illustration by Jennifer Bogartz

One common question I often get asked by high schoolers and pre-med students is- ‘what it’s like to be a doctor, especially a female doctor. They’re apprehensive if they should be pursuing years of education and rigorous training. They ask me what my average day looks like, if I have time for my family and […]

What’s Going on in Myanmar One Year After the Coup?

Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar lived under a tight military fist for 50 years. Similar to North Korea, Myanmar’s people had no communication with the outside world.  And the world did not know about them. In 2010 Aung San Suu Kyi, the people’s hope, was released from house arrest. She led a movement to change […]

The Forgotten Women and Girls: Criminalisation of Abortion in Kenya

Protest in Kenya

Imagine being jailed for up to 14 years for trying to end your pregnancy because a morally driven political system deems this to be a crime. The Kenyan penal code that criminalises abortion and same sex relations does so under sensationally subjective sections that read “offenses against morality”. Whose morality? The epicenter of the implementation […]

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