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Girls’ Globe is a social enterprise, run by a small team. We strive for voices all over the world to be heard. We don’t have a fancy office (actually we all work remotely) and the majority of our team volunteer their time with us.

At Girls’ Globe we prefer authenticity over ads and sponsored content. Therefore, your support makes a big difference for us to continue to create this enabling environment for women.

Did you know that only 1 in 4 people heard or read about in the news are women? Discrimination and violence against women and girls is still a reality around the world. Women in politics, businesses and media are underrepresented and many voices, stories and events are therefore unheard or unrecognized.

Girls’ Globe is changing this!

We host a global network of activists, advocates, experts and organizations from more than 35 countries who share their stories and perspectives. We break barriers that have previously limited women and girls to raise their voices and create new channels for storytelling to inspire change around the world. 

We don’t require a big budget to keep this work going. If you were to give up a coffee a week to support Girls’ Globe, it would help us to continue our work.

Through monthly donations you help us to continue amplifying the voices of women and girls around the world.

You now have an awesome way of being a part of supporting our work to amplify the voices of changemakers worldwide. Our work is an important step to strengthen human rights, social justice and gender equality around the world. As a monthly donor, you can make a real impact.

Our monthly donors really make a difference for us to sustainably do our work. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to be a part of our movement and to stand in solidarity with women and girls everywhere.

If you want to support Girls’ Globe as a leader in gender equality, human rights and social justice, consider becoming a Mentoring Sponsor.

Girls’ Globe is a registered non-profit organization in Sweden with registration number: 802470-8128. We also accept donations through PayPal in USD and SEK.

Do you represent a company or organization that shares our values for the equal rights and health of women and girls around the world? We would be more than happy to discuss a mutually beneficial partnership in greater detail with you. Send us an email: You can read more about our partnership opportunities here.

Girls’ Globe is the global media platform for changemakers and organizations
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