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Photo of Julia Wiklander, her back with a jeans jacket with the letters GRL PWR on the back, and holding a sign in the image of a speech bubble.

The Mission of Girls’ Globe: Why I started & where we are now

I always knew that I wanted to “change the world”. Growing up in Egypt, Pakistan and India, I became a global citizen at a very young age. Throughout my higher education, I gained experience and knowledge that led me to work for gender equality and

Self Care by Laiza Onofre

Illustrator Laiza Onofre on Activism, Self Care & Self Love

Laiza Onofre is an illustrator and feminist activist from Mexico. She has been a part of Girls’ Globe for several years. Contributing with her beautiful illustrations she has amplified the movement to strengthen gender equality and human rights. We collaborated with Laiza for the launch

Nicaragua’s Political Prisoners

During the holiday season families of political prisoners along with Nicaragua’s opposition groups urge the liberation of political prisoners. Currently there are 118 political prisoners locked in cell-blocks throughout Nicaragua’s prisons and the government shows no signs of releasing them. Political Prisoners Detained During 2018

Empowered Together

The Girls’ Globe Tribe: Join Today!

Since our launch in 2013, Girls’ Globe has come a long way. Six years down the line, we have grown into a global network of bloggers and member organizations spanning more than 35 countries across 5 continents. We’ve highlighted some of the most pressing issues of our time, and continue to do so through the voices of women and girls. This enables you to hear from unique voices that are rarely heard in mainstream media.

Now, it is thanks to our bloggers, members, readers and amazing partners like that we can continue this important work. As we face epidemics of violence against women, the spread of fake news and a global climate crisis, our mission is clearer than ever. The voices of women and girls need to be heard.

Girls’ Globe is a force for change. You can now be a direct part of that change. Join the Girls’ Globe Tribe by making a monthly donation and support our work to amplify the voices of women and girls worldwide.

The Girls’ Globe Reading List

The Girl’s Globe Reading List is an introduction to some of the most important and pressing issues affecting society today. These are the voices, perspectives, ideas and opinions of women and girls from all over the world. Read, learn and feel inspired to take action!

Watch This! Why we amplify the voices of women and girls

At Girls’ Globe, we amplify the voices of women and girls from around the world. Voices that don’t always have a space. Voices that need to be heard. The Girls’ Globe network spans more than 35 countries, raising the voices of girls, women and organizations

Join us LIVE at ICFP2018!

We’re excited to announce that Girls’ Globe will be part of the 2018 International Conference on Family Planning in Rwanda next week. From Monday 12 – Thursday 15 November, we’ll join thousands of advocates, young people, political leaders, scientists, policymakers and researchers from within the

Keep Raising Voices in 2018!

If Girls’ Globe has been useful, informative or inspiring to you, please take a minute to keep us publishing articles, amplifying women and celebrating progress. Any donation – big or small – is hugely valuable.

The content on Girls’ Globe is created by our members – activists, advocates and experts on gender equality, human rights and social justice from around the world. 

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