1. Menstruation
    Why Sanitary Products Should be Free for Girls

    I believe that one day, girls from disadvantaged communities like mine will be free to experience their periods with dignity.

  2. Menstruation
    Barriers to Education Equality in Latin America

    An estimated 15% of all pregnancies per year in Latin America occur in girls younger than 20 years old, and…

  3. Menstruation
    Menstrual Pain is a Public Health Matter

    Menstruation is a normal biological process and we should not shame women for it. We must not neglect menstrual pain…

  4. Menstruation
    28 Myths: the Menstrual Cycle, the Pill & Fertility Awareness

    Since ditching the pill, charting my own cycle, and teaching fertility awareness all over the world, I’ve come across a…