1. Mental Health
    Sharon D’Agostino: Recognizing our Common Ground

    The Power of Your Story is a brand new podcast by Girls’ Globe in partnership with SayItForward.org. Say It Forward…

  2. Mental Health
    The Cost of Sharing My Mental Health Story

    Ever since I wrote my first post about my mental health struggles on girlsglobe.org over two years ago, I've questioned…

  3. Mental Health
    Internalizing Body Image Issues

    I am sure many other women and girls have stories similar to mine. And it leads me to my question:…

  4. Mental Health
    Taking Care of my Gynecological Health Is a Feminist Act

    Uterus, cervix, vagina and vulva are not dirty or embarrassing words.

  5. Mental Health
    In an Age of Comparison, Busy does not Equal Productive

    How busy we are has become an indication of our worthiness.

  6. Mental Health
    Mental Health in India’s Adolescent Girls

    It is time to start building India’s mental health infrastructure.