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Girls’ Globe membership is for individuals and organizations. We exist for our audience and our members! Our platform is a tool for them to support their communications efforts. We also provide additional support to our members, such as editorial guidance, mentorship and social media amplification.


The Girls’ Globe network is a diverse and global community of members. We share stories, opinions, news and research on gender equality, human rights and social justice. Girls’ Globe provides a space for voices that are often underrepresented or invisible in mainstream media. When we raise our voices together, we build a stronger presence for some of the most important issues of our time.


Can I become a member? 




We know that everyone can make a fundamental impact in the world. Some do so by communicating stories and their expertise with others. If you answer ‘yes’ to all the following questions, please apply for a Girls’ Globe membership!

  • Are you passionate about a specific topic related to gender equality, human rights or social justice?
  • Do you have an important story or research to share with others that relates to your passion?
  • Are you a talented communicator and looking to develop your communication skills?

We have many members who’ve never written online content before, or who don’t have English as their first language – so don’t let this put you off. We are also open to your creative skills to use digital media to communicate your message. 

  • Do you see yourself as an activist, advocate or expert in relation to a specific topic related to gender equality, human rights or social justice?
  • Do you identify as a girl or woman?

Discrimination and violence against women is still a reality around the world. Women in politics, businesses and media are underrepresented. Many voices, stories and events are therefore unheard or unrecognized. Women and girls are often objectified and their voices marginalized. Furthermore, there is a global imbalance where some voices are valued higher than others or given more space. Girls’ Globe is here to change that. We offer our media platform to women and girls everywhere – and to the organizations that support them. We highlight the stories and issues that are important to women and girls, that far too often have been ignored. 




Girls’ Globe offers organizations membership to support their communications efforts. Organizations in our network work to strengthen human rights, social justice and gender equality. We acknowledge that many grassroots organizations do not have the resources to communicate their stories and news to a big audience. 

Girls’ Globe Member Organizations stand in solidarity with women and girls everywhere by supporting a global media movement that amplifies their voices and creates new spaces for them to be heard.

Here are all the details you need to know about the Girls’ Globe Membership for Organizations. 


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