1. Health
    Women in Rural Zimbabwe are Being Left Behind

    Women in rural areas have different lifestyles and challenges than women living in urban communities. 

  2. Gender Based Violence
    The Shocking Case of Imelda Cortez: #EyesOnElSalvador

    We need to raise our voices and stand up for Imelda, and we need to do it now.

  3. Girls' Globe News
    Join us LIVE at ICFP2018!

    We’re excited to announce that Girls’ Globe will be part of the 2018 International Conference on Family Planning in Rwanda…

  4. Education
    Turning the Tide in the Caribbean to Educate Adolescent Mothers

    I am proud of the work that has been done in the Caribbean in supporting adolescent mothers.

  5. Health
    “All men should let their wives start family planning” – Hawa’s Story

    This is the first blog in a 4-part series sharing personal family planning stories from around the world – presented…

  6. Health
    “A world of hope for adolescent girls” – Olive’s story

    This is the fourth and final blog in a series sharing personal family planning stories - presented by CARE.

  7. Health
    The Fight for Legal Abortions Continues in Latin America

    Argentine activists and lawmakers haven’t given up...

  8. Health
    The Contraception Situation in Africa

    Africa is still merely limping towards achieving its agenda...

  9. Health
    Argentina’s Abortion Law is History in the Making

    Argentina's law on legal, safe and free abortions was finally debated in the Lower House.

  10. Health
    Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Women with Disabilities

    Today is World Contraception Day. As we reflect on the role that birth control and reproductive rights have played on…

  11. Health
    “Why should women have all the responsibility for family planning?” – Parmila’s Story

    Disparity between the sexes is especially obvious when it comes to permanent contraception, or sterilization.

  12. Development
    Contraceptive Funding in Crisis

    On this World Contraception Day, some 214 million women and girls in developing regions have an unmet need for modern…

  13. Health
    “Now I Use Contraception” – Oun Srey Leak’s Story

    Although half of female garment workers report being sexually active, less than a third of them use modern contraceptives.

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