1. Maternal and Child Health
    Midwives: Innovators on the Front Lines of Care

    With simple but resounding words, Frances Day-Stirk, President of the International Confederation of Midwives, reminded 4,200 people gathered in Toronto…

  2. Health
    Young Midwifery Leaders on Midwives’ Needs

    During the ICM Congress we had the opportunity to meet and talk to some of the midwives enrolled in the…

  3. Maternal and Child Health
    Talking Midwives & Human Rights with Kate Gilmore

    Girls' Globe Blogger Eleanor Gall talks to Kate Gilmore, Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights for the United Nations, at…

  4. Maternal and Child Health
    Fathers’ Role in Achieving Gender Equality

    Fathers are interested, they want information and they do want to be close to their children. Why then are women…

  5. Maternal and Child Health
    Meet the Midwife for Life Award Winners

    The Save the Children and ICM Midwife for Life Award is an international recognition of exceptional midwives. Presented this morning…

  6. Health
    GenH Challenge: Submit your Ideas

    In recognition of the impact midwives are creating across the world, Johnson & Johnson has launched a new initiative –…

  7. Development
    Africa Leads the Way: Calling for Investments in Midwifery

    “Midwives are so often forgotten in our societies, but with their support, we can transform the lives of women globally”…

  8. Maternal and Child Health
    Listening and Leading to Build Midwifery in French-speaking Africa

    In French, the word for “midwife” is “sage femme” – which literally translated into English means “wise woman.” Wise women…

  9. Maternal and Child Health
    Preventing Haemorrhage and Saving Lives on the Front Lines of Care

    Midwives on the front lines of care have made a major impact, ensuring that more women experience a healthy pregnancy…

  10. Maternal and Child Health
    Meet Midwife Dorcas: training to save lives at birth

    In celebration of midwives worldwide, Kupona Foundation colleague, Dorcas – a midwife trainer at our sister organization, CCBRT – shares…

  11. Social Media
    Top Tips for Successful Storytelling!

    Girls' Globe shares our top tips for creating successful and powerful messages through blogging, creative storytelling & digital media.

  12. Maternal and Child Health
    Midwives Made Me Feel Like Not Going Home

    I have met both considerate and not so considerate midwives. Without a doubt, the majority have belonged to the first category,…

  13. Maternal and Child Health
    Celebrating Midwives with Voices from Around the World

    Today is the International Day of the Midwife and we’ve collected voices of women and midwives from around the world to…

  14. Maternal and Child Health
    Celebrating Midwives & Partnerships that Matter

    The lifetime risk of a woman dying from pregnancy and childbirth related complications in Kenya is high, at 1 in…

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