Our Memberships

We support and amplify the voices of
activists, advocates, experts and organizations

Through memberships, Girls’ Globe supports those working to strengthen gender equality, human rights and social justice. Our members are organizations and individuals with representation from more than 100 countries across the world. 

To provide the most support for our community, we only open for new members once or twice a year. 

The Girls' Globe
Fellowship Program

We support grassroots activists and advocates dedicated to create a positive change for gender equality, human rights or social justice. 

Our Fellowship Program provides opportunities to learn, grow and gain visibility to make a greater impact in the world. 

Publishing Memberships
for Organizations

We offer communications support and amplification for organizations on a mission to strengthen gender equality, human rights or social justice. 

Our Publishing Memberships for Organizations help shine a brighter spotlight on the important work that is being done around the world. 

Solidarity and Thought Leader Membership

We understand the importance of connection, community and collaboration to move change forward.

That’s why we need to involve experienced individuals who are ready to step up and share their learnings to educate and inspire action.