Publishing Memberships
for Organizations

Does your organization strengthen gender equality, human rights or social justice?

If so, a Publishing Membership might be right for your organization. Girls’ Globe is a global media organization that amplifies voices to strengthen gender equality, human rights and social justice. We work to build solidarity for changemakers and organizations doing amazing work around the world. 

Our creative and positive approach shines a spotlight on the champions of change. We’re always striving to explore new ideas and formats to enhance the storytelling experience. 

Girls’ Globe hosts a network of contributors – fellows, writers and organizations – with representation from more than 100 countries. Our audience spans every country in the world. 

We're here to amplify your work!

I founded Girls’ Globe after my experience volunteering with women’s organizations and working in diplomacy and at the United Nations. There was (and still is) a huge disconnect between real changemakers and what’s prioritized in the media and in decision-making. Many voices, stories and events remain unheard or unrecognized.

I also realized that many organizations struggle with their communications work – something that’s becoming so increasingly important in this digital world we live in. Sometimes organizations lack resources to hire communications staff and sometimes they have a small team (maybe a team of 1?) trying to manage everything from social media to PR. 

Girls’ Globe is here to support organizations that are making a valuable difference for gender equality, human rights and social justice around the world. We know that the stories that you have can inspire stronger solidarity for the work that you do. 

Thank you for your commitment to making this world a better place for everyone living in it. We look forward to amplifying your work!

-Julia Wiklander

What organizations can be Publishing Members?

Girls’ Globe supports organizations with a mission to strengthen gender equality, human rights or social justice. 

We welcome non-profit organizations, research institutions, international non-governmental organizations, foundations and advocacy collectives. Here are a few organizations that have chosen a Publishing Membership with Girls’ Globe: 

What does a Publishing Membership
for Organizations involve?

Girls’ Globe offers organizations working to strengthen gender equality, human rights and social justice the opportunity to join our growing global network. In other words, organizations don’t necessarily have to be women-run to join us – we’re all needed to create a more equal, just and safe world. 

With a Publishing Membership, your organization will:

1. Gain Visibility

  • Showcase work and inspiring stories on – reaching a global audience of engaged readers.
  • Gain access to new audiences and increase visibility online for the issues that really matter to your organization.
  • Gain more traffic to your website and social channels. 
  • Spotlight your work, individuals in your organization, special campaigns and more through Girls’ Globe channels.

2. Develop Your Content

  • Get editorial support for content development and make your content stand out in an overly crowded digital world. 
  • Creatively showcase your content on our unique platform that focuses on personal and localized narratives and sparking authentic conversations. 
  • Build confidence and skills in your communications and editorial staff.

3. Have an Impact 

  • Show support and solidarity for global collaboration for gender equality, human rights and social justice. 
  • Establish new partnerships that strengthen your work.
  • Inspire action through the stories that you share with changemakers worldwide. 

Meet Our Readers

The below statistics are annual averages of our site visitors.

Page Views
Unique Visitors per Year
Countries Represented

A majority of our readers identify as changemakers. They’re passionate about the state of gender equality, human rights and social justice. These numbers represent real readers – not a fleeting social media reach. We’re not the biggest. Our audience is diverse. It bridges cultural divides and cares about making a real difference in the world. 

The Details of Our Publishing Memberships

We offer a Basic and Full Membership – check the information below to see what works best for you.


Expand your audience and skills with a basic publication membership.

Publish 3 posts per year on

Editorial support, including SEO, for each post on

Organization’s profile on with
your publication archive and links.

Access to schedule takeovers of the Girls’ Globe social media channels to share your organization’s content.

Promotion of all published posts on social media
and to email subscribers.

Access to all bonuses below.

Get this basic membership for €497 per year.


Become a thought-leader through a full publication membership with Girls’ Globe.

Publish up to 12 posts per year on

1 Spotlight per year showcasing your organization with
Girls’ Globe’s email subscribers.

Editorial support for each post on and organization’s profile with publication archive and links.

Access to schedule takeovers of the Girls’ Globe social media channels to share your organization’s content.

Promotion of all published posts on social media
and to email subscribers.

Access to all bonuses below.

Get the full membership for €975 per year.


Resources to Inspire & Learn

Access an extensive and growing list of resources to support your digital content creation, including tools, guides, tips and an editorial calendar. 

Access Illustrators & Designers

Access to our global network of illustrators and graphic designers to reach out to for commission. 

Discounts on Our Learning Platform

Get a 15 % discount on our learning platform, including the course Digital Storytelling for Impact to gain clarity, confidence and skills to share stories with an impact in a digital world. 

Please note that the memberships are annual and the fee is non-refundable. Our Publishing Memberships are an investment for organizations looking to make a greater impact with their communications in a digital world.

To make our memberships available to as many people as possible, Girls’ Globe offers a few spots on our Fellowship program for grassroots organizations from around the world. We are open for applications to the Girls’ Globe Fellowship program in December each year. Find out if you’re eligible and apply for a fellowship here.

Eligibility & Process

Girls’ Globe is a social enterprise with non-negotiable values. We’ve got high standards for the organizations that publish on our platform. Here’s what we require from you.

Your Mission Must Match Ours

It’s a requirement that your organization is on a mission to strengthen gender equality, human rights or social justice. This must be visible through your organization’s mission and vision statements and through the work that you’re doing. 

Solidarity is Strengthened Together

At Girls’ Globe we are optimistic about the change that we can create together in the world – and we know everyone can make a fundamental change. That’s why solidarity is a cornerstone of our work. Our members understand that they too must show solidarity to further our collective work for a sustainable world where everyone is free. 

The Application Process 

To become a member, you must complete the full application process, which includes to fill out the application form, and provide any additional documentation as needed. 

When you submit the application form, you agree to pay the membership fee in full should your organization be accepted as a member.

Applications are only open for a limited time, as we receive a high number of applications and we want to serve our community in the best way possible. 

Got more questions?

We’ve compiled a list of our frequently asked questions below. 

No. We love supporting women-led organizations, but know that many different kinds of organizations are needed to advance gender equality, human rights and social justice around the world. As long as your organization is aligned with our mission, we encourage you to apply. 

Member organizations bring enormous value to girlsglobeorg through the expertise, passion and inspiration within their networks around the world. We love to publish:

  • Voices, stories and perspectives through first-person articles: 
  • Accounts of recent political/social/cultural events and movements
  • Expert opitionos from leaders in teh organization/field, including through interviews. 
  • Information articles about gender equality, human rights or social justice in under-reported/under-represented parts of the world. 
  • List-style posts including waks to take action, books/documentaries, orgs to support, etc. 


Girls’ Globe encourages a use of different forms of digital media and publishes videos, podcasts and photo blogs too. 

Through a Publishing Membership we support organizations to develop content ideas and plan their content. 

Through a publishing membership for organizations, yes – men can be published on Girls’ Globe on behalf of an organization. 

Yes, we know that many organizations prefer to make their payment via invoice – so that’s possible. However, you will not gain access to our membership platform until the payment is received in our accounts. 

Our application period is a limited time only. We’ve received many applications in the past and want to make sure that we are serving our community in the best way possible. We will open for applications 1-2 times per year. So take the opportunity to apply now or wait until we open next time. Stay tuned.