1. Minority Rights
    Maisa Dabus – Freedom, Belonging and Representation

    "When you share stories, you're including people and giving them a sense of belonging, you are also making sure that…

  2. Minority Rights
    The Case for a Truly Representative Democracy

    Dalia Mogahed is one of my idols. She is a covered Muslim woman who works in public policy. When she…

  3. Minority Rights
    Why is the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25 important?

    Nairobi Summit on the International Conference on Population and Development is taking place 25 years after the first conference was…

  4. Minority Rights
    Celebrating South Africa’s Women’s Day

    Each year on 9 August, South Africa celebrates Women’s Day.

  5. Minority Rights
    When Nadia Murad Stood Before Trump

    It is the most hardened hearts and minds - not the hearts and minds of our allies - that we…

  6. Minority Rights
    Women are Leading the Protests in Sudan

    Anyone who has been following the protests will know that this revolutionary spirit runs in the blood of Sudanese women.