childrens’ rights

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Life as a Teenage Girl in Foster Care

My story isn’t unique. Around 220 million children worldwide – that’s 1 in every 10 children – are at risk of growing up without a stable, loving family.

#NoChildAlone: Investing in Care for Children

To commemorate Universal Children’s Day 2017, SOS Children’s Villages asked children all over the world to show us how their mom or dad care for them.

The Stolen Generations and Hope in Healing

The Aboriginal Protection Act of 1869 is a dark spot in Australia’s history. Although beneficial for Australia’s white population, the policy limited freedoms for its Aboriginals. In particular, the 1886 Half-Caste Act, an extension of the original Aboriginal Protection Act, allowed Whites to forcibly remove

I am Malala, You are Malala

By now many of you are probably familiar with the story of the 15-year old Pakistani school girl and human rights activist Malala Yousafzai. At the age of 11, Malala did the unthinkable, she spoke out very publicly in a diary blog featured on BBC

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