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breast ironing. burning stones

Breast Ironing: A Harmful Practice That Spans Generations

Hope shuddered as she thought of what awaited her. Her developing breasts throbbed with excruciating pain, worsened hours ago when her mama had pounded them with hot stones. She’d cried and pled as mama pounded and auntie held her, but it was useless…

The Power of Your Story Podcast

Patty Johnson – How We See Ourselves

The Power of Your Story Podcast is back with an inspiring new episode about the journey of an Indian-American woman in the USA. Patty Johnson is a psychologist and author residing in Chicago, USA. Reflecting on her own child and teenage years, she talks about finding her identity between cultures that could be conflicting. She talks about her hopes for her own daughters and how she has built confidence in her own life. Patty inspires us by embarking on her own path and deciding to be herself completely.

What Can I Tell You About Uganda?

What do you know about Uganda? I asked myself while booking my flight to Entebbe. That was two months ago. I have been working for the Swedish Organization for Global Health for almost 2 years now and involved in the evaluation of our project on

Burn the Dowry, Spare the Bride

In India, the dowry system is an ever-present menace which frequently changes shape to adapt to society. Increasingly, dowry is being masked by more socially acceptable norms, such as gift-giving.

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