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Stop Calling it Revenge Porn. It's Abuse. Girls' Globe

Stop Calling it Revenge Porn. It’s Abuse.

‘Revenge porn’ describes the action of one individual sharing another’s private or intimate photos or videos publicly without first obtaining their consent. The term came into prominence in the UK around 2014/15. Activists such as Charlotte Laws started to lobby for appropriate ‘revenge porn’ laws

Addressing Cyber Violence and Harassment

At its core, the internet is another public space where women can experience forms of violence or harassment, similar to catcalling on the street or inappropriate touching on a subway. How can we combat cyber violence to keep ourselves and others safe?

Cyber Bullying of Rape Victims – Modern Day Version of Stoning

Last fall, a teenage girl in Steubenville, Ohio, was sexually assaulted and raped. Pictures and video of the assault spread like wildfire in social media, including a disturbing video of several young men laughing and joking about raping a unconscious teenage girl. Two of these

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