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A poem by Fatima Raza for Girls’ Globe.

My Experience of Workplace Anxiety Kate Harveston Girls' Globe

One Woman’s Experience of Workplace Anxiety

I quickly realized I wasn’t the only woman to have ever experienced workplace anxiety, which made me passionate about sharing what I learned with others. Here are four lessons I took away.

On the Importance of Mental Health to Women’s Health

Many symptoms of anxiety and depression throughout my life have been ‘blamed’ on my sex: my short temper and irritability as a teenager – a common symptom of depression among teens – were “just PMS”, and my depressive moods were “just hormones”.

We Need to Talk About Mental Health

Mental Health Month is celebrated in May here in the United States, but mental health is something we should be talking about all year round. This year’s World Health Day took place on April 7th and focused on the important issue of depression. On this occasion, the World Health

The Global Mental Health Burden

It is estimated that 1 in 4 people globally will be affected by mental or neurological disorders in their lifetime. Yet, the magnitude of mental illness is not matched by the amount of resources and awareness that the burden demands. Mental illnesses affect women and

Mental health and women’s health: Eyeing the ‘treatment gap’

Originally published on Devex Mental health has attracted little attention considering the huge size of the problem. Ranging from mild depression to major psychosis, it is estimated that one in four people suffer from a mental illness, and estimates from the World Health Organization state

Women's Mental Health in Post-Conflict Society: South Korea PART I

As the 2013 Miss Korea contestant photos made way through the Internet, my immersion into the Korean culture had also just begun. Korea is quickly earning global repute for a sense of superficiality, not to mention its rank as the country with the highest per

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