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creating opportunities for the next generation

4 Ways to Create Opportunities for the Next Generation

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 at the inaugural Girls Festival – organized by Reach A Hand Uganda (RAHU), Global Livingston Institute, Women Deliver and partners – got me in my feelings.   The Festival theme was ‘Gains from Equality’. It had me thinking about all the

The Girls’ Globe Reading List

The Girl’s Globe Reading List is an introduction to some of the most important and pressing issues affecting society today. These are the voices, perspectives, ideas and opinions of women and girls from all over the world. Read, learn and feel inspired to take action!

An Ode to HER

A poem by Fatima Raza for Girls’ Globe.

Women are Claiming Back the Streets of Mexico

The ease with which perpetrators can commit these crimes is the result of a culture of normalization that includes victim blaming and telling women to fear public space because we are not safe there.

Give Yourself…You

Choose yourself first before you let anyone else in. Appreciate yourself for the extraordinary being that you are.

Do We Still Need Miss./Mrs. Titles?

In general, the whole naming convention can be incredibly confusing and unnecessary. After all, why is it important for a doctor to know whether or not a female patient is married or single to treat them?

Let’s Celebrate Life

Getting married is still more respected than any other professional, academic or entrepreneurial achievement for women. For the record, I am not undermining the idea of marriage – it is a beautiful commitment. I am simply stressing how important it is to celebrate other accomplishments as well.

Does it Really Matter if Shoes are Sexist? by Eleanor Gall for Girls' Globe

Does it Actually Matter if Shoes are Sexist?

British footwear company Clarks has been exposed, not for the first time, as being openly sexist and discriminatory in its product range and branding. This time, the company has been called out for a dubbing a range of girls’ school shoes ‘Dolly Babe‘, while the

The Wonders of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman embodies the truth that women have the power to make a positive impact – whether that’s saving the world from villains, or being a caring mother and wife.

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