Gender Equality

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Here’s How We Combat GBV: Part 1

Here are 5 things I believe must be done to tackle and progressively eliminate gender-based violence against women, girls and children.

Fight Your Battle One Seat at a Time

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m sitting in a very comfortable seat at London City airport – one out of five airports located in and around London. I’m flying out and into City every week due to work commitments and my regular morning outbound flight is boarding soon.

Hello Spring, Hello Sexual Harassment

London is at it’s most beautiful in the spring. After many dreary months the city fills up with candy-floss blossom and slightest breeze scatters pink and white confetti over the pavements. Parks fill with daffodils. Occasionally the sun shines for two days in a row

Who Says I’m a Bad Mother?

Women may often be described as goddess-like, but perfect we are not. When my daughters were born I was ill-prepared and scared, and I momentarily felt like I lost a sense of myself. Don’t get me wrong – my little miracles were precious to me from

Fierce Female Illustrators Wanted!

Cover illustration for Girls’ Globe by Sofia Neto (  Girls’ Globe is now looking for fierce female illustrators to join our global crew and support our work in amplifying the voices of women and girls worldwide. Help us in our fight to create a sustainable

The Importance of Educating Girls

Blog post by Lisa Öhman, intern at Flickaplattformen This text is based on my final thesis for my bachelor in Development Studies. My thesis is a discourse analysis of texts collected from governmental development agencies, analysing their call on the importance of girls’ education. During the

The Power and Influence of Mothers-in-Law in Lesotho

We have all heard the stories of ‘monsters-in-law’ when a group of women get talking about their husbands’ mothers. Some women are blessed with mothers-in-law who treat them as respected family members, while others struggle with finding balance between two of the most important women

Through Needlecraft Towards Revolution in Sweden

Right now, making a pair of relatively simple mittens, knitting feels methodical. Melodic even. Other times, knitting causes every muscle to strain and my temples to pound with frustration. Sometimes I would rather just burn the sweater I’m knitting since it’s turning out all wrong, but I

Women are our Best Support Group

The other day I overheard a group of women talking about something they’d seen on social media. A woman they all knew had reported a sexual assault she had suffered earlier that night on her Facebook page.  She had claimed a man, who the group of women

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