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The Plight of Adolescent Mothers in Tanzania

In June 2017, President John Magufuli of Tanzania called for the ban of adolescent mothers returning to school after giving birth. His reasoning? Adolescent mothers would encourage the other school girls to have sex.

Evidence for Effective Sex Ed

Millions of adolescents and young people don’t have access to quality, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and services.

Why is Menstruation Still Holding Girls Back?

There is still a great need to address the issues adolescent girls and young women face holistically, and this includes advocating for the provision of affordable solutions for every girl in every school as a basic right.

Sugar Daddies are Definitely NOT Sweet

In Lesotho, sugar daddies are called ‘blessers’, and they initiate relationships by buying girls presents. These relationships are dangerous and harmful, often leading to a lifetime of trauma for the young girls involved.

What Let Girls Learn Has Taught Me

Michelle Obama smells amazing. When she wrapped her arms around me for a hug after speaking on her Let Girls Learn initiative, the first thing I thought was holy shit Michelle Obama is giving me a hug, and secondly, wow she smells so good. It

The Importance of Educating Girls

Blog post by Lisa Öhman, intern at Flickaplattformen This text is based on my final thesis for my bachelor in Development Studies. My thesis is a discourse analysis of texts collected from governmental development agencies, analysing their call on the importance of girls’ education. During the

A Beginner’s Guide to Stopping Time

This piece was written by Julia Z. – a high school student from the United States of America. All opinions are her own. We hear our grandparents say it. Preach it. Sitting around a crackling fire surrounded by family. Those wise with age warn those

A Seat at the Table with Indego Africa

We have all heard the battle cry for education from the first lady, Michelle Obama and the call for inclusion from GIWPS Executive Director Melenne Verveer. Both women have been in the spotlight for their views and work with women and girls, specifically individuals living

How to Find Your Brave Space

1. Claim your seat at the table As I approached the Gender 360 Summit, I was momentarily overwhelmed and intimidated by the buzzing room full of intellectuals. The room was filled to capacity with tables of women and men chatting, debating and discussing their views

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