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Women Deliver: It's Time!

Girls’ Globe was founded in November 2011 and since then we have grown from a one-person blog to a global network of passionate advocates for women and girls. We now have the possibility to join the Women Deliver 2013 conference and actively participate to learn


I never put on a pair of heels when I was growing up. I just never did. I hated that whole if-the-shoe-fits kind of thing. Why should I have to keep that “fit” if I could just put on a pair of sneakers? So I

Introducing Women LEAD Nepal

We at Girls’ Globe believe in the power of partnership and collaboration to efficiently and effectively work towards the empowerment of women. Raising awareness and spreading information is the first step. That’s why we’ve decided to feature organizations that are making a difference for women

An Exciting Year Ahead!

New Year’s Letter from Julia Wiklander, Founder of Girls’ Globe has been active for over a year and has during this time become a portal for raising awareness, spreading information and sharing inspiration about the importance of empowering women and girls in our world. I am thrilled

The content on Girls’ Globe is created by our members – activists, advocates and experts on gender equality, human rights and social justice from around the world. 

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